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Musgrave Marketplace – Mencap

Musgrave Marketplace - Mencap

Finbar completes a work experience placement in Musgrave Marketplace in Derry/Londonderry.  Finbar works in the Foodservice and Provisions departments working alongside his colleagues.  Finbar attends his work experience placement each Friday from 10am – 3pm.

Musgrave Marketplace - Mencap
Finbar Finnis – Mencap

Finbar’s employer Noel said,

“Finbar has integrated himself into his placement brilliantly and is starting to feel a real part of the team, all of us in Musgrave have a genuine care and interest in his work experience/development and a real affection towards him.  He’s been a real tonic for a lot of people in here, which is to his credit, and we all hope that his placement continues to grow and progress as best that it can for Finbar. 

What a service Mencap SkillSET provide to Finbar and families alike, well done!”

– Noel Coyle, Customers Service & HR Admin, Musgrave Marketplace.

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Have a question or want to contact us directly? Get in touch with SkillSET or some of our partners.